Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Mom's Remodel Progress

 My Mom has been doing a complete overhaul on her home for the last few months, it is looking beautiful!  I took a few pictures of it this afternoon to share with you.  

Her Friend, Dave, with Liberty Home Remodeling has been helping her and he has done an amazing job.  He built this arch for her and added all this beautiful molding.  Imagine for a minute this opening going all the way to the ceiling, well it used to, he closed it in from the ceiling and created this amazing focal point for these 2 rooms.  
His craftsmanship is superb, he has taught me so many new things.  

He also updated her banister.  This banister used to be all oak, he used the original mule posts and cased them in with the new oak.  After they were cased in he added the oak shoe and the oak banisters.  Last but not least installed the cast iron balusters.  I love how simple and elegant it turned out.  One of these days I want to try this on my staircase!  

If you live in the Salt Lake City Utah area and you are looking for someone to remodel you house, Dave is your guy.  He is honest, hardworking, and delivers excellent results you are sure to be happy with.  




  1. That arch really does look beautiful! How does your mother manage to keep the wood floors looking so nice? I ma so jealous of her! Oh, and the new banister is just lovely. It has a bit of a rustic flair to it yet it is still elegant in it's own right. I can't wait to see what the house will look like after the rest of the renovations!



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