Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Daughters Dresser

 I am so excited to have this dresser done, not only to share it with you but for my sanity as well, you will see why below........

As you may know when Baby Brother was born we moved our girls into the same room.  I decided when I was 6 months pregnant I would build them bunkbeds (post here) and so far we have loved the bunkbeds.  They are very sturdy and considering my children think they are a jungle gym they are holding up amazingly well.  Our rooms upstairs are small so I added shelves to the closet and some totes (post here) and crossed my fingers that between the closet and their 3 drawer dresser we would have enough storage.  Well I think this picture speaks for itself....I had to come up with another plan.

This dresser was just hanging out in my garage when my husband said, "why don't you refinish it for the girls room."  Yes, he does have a lot of good ideas!  I was a little worried it wouldn't fit, you can't tell from this picture but there is a closet right where the picture cuts off so......we will call it a perfect fit!!

And if you look at the bed, I finished the first of 2 quilts.  Oh, I love them.  They are so bright and to finish the other one!

I love the lines of this dresser, it is just stunning.

This pink is a custom color.  I know I say that way to often, but often times I will find a color I think I like and once I start to paint with it the tones are off just a bit so I add some gray or brown or lighten it a bit with white.  The ivory color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore.  I used and oil based brown glaze to antique this and then I sealed it all with a Spar Urathane!

 This dresser has helped incredibly to keep their room clean!!




Miss Mustard Seed


  1. Such a pretty dresser. And the peak at the quilt...adorable!

  2. Such a pretty dresser! And the quilt caught my eye too - love the colors!

  3. Brooke it's a gorgeous dresser and the pretty serpentine style is perfect for a girl's room. Lov'n that custom color too and with the dark glaze it's perfect.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  4. The dresser is really pretty, Brooke. I love the shade of pink you used. Great job!

  5. that dresser is amazing! i love it! great job:)

  6. Love the way that dresser turned out! The pretty lines show up so nicely with those colors.



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