Monday, January 19, 2015

The Story Behind My Chandelier

As I have surfed blogs and flipped through magazines chandeliers always have caught my attention.  Maybe because in the back of my mind I knew the chandelier I really wanted would be hard to find and if I found it I probably couldn't afford it.  Because of course it had to be vintage and have real crystals.  

So you can imagine how happy and excited I was when my neighbor walked across the street with a vintage, brass, crystal chandelier and asked if I wanted it.  Yes, she just gave it to me and wouldn't accept any sort of payment.  WOW, I am still speechless.  She found it in her Mother's storage shed and they had no use for it anymore. 

Once we got it hung I used a little brasso and hot water to shine her right up, now she just sparkles!

The details on this chandelier are so beautiful and fit the style of my house perfectly.  I still can get over the fact that it was free, these are the kind of things I dream about! 





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