Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why I use Latex Paint.....

I often get asked why I paint with latex, I want to answer this by saying because I just like it better.  I have never really had a good answer until now......after many months of thinking it over.

First, I love the look of sprayed furniture, it is so smooth and if done right it can produce a perfect finish.

Second, I am a perfectionist.  I always look at those beautiful chippy pieces and think to myself "I love that look....I can do that."  but I can't because it has to be balanced and symmetrical.  All areas have to be distressed evenly, I can't have a side that is more chippy than the other or it bothers me, like keeps me up at night bothers me.

Third, it has held up best against my kids.  I am sure my kids are much like yours, they climb on my furniture when I am not looking, leave their half eaten suckers on my sofa tables, or their water bottles on the coffee table without a coaster.  Most of the time, knock on wood, it has wiped up without any evidence.

Fourth it is cheaper than most specialty paints.  I do use high end paint usually Valspar Optimus or Sherwin Williams which does run about $50 a gallon.  But the higher end latex paints cover better and hold up much better as well.

Fifth it is convenient, if I run out of a paint color or a top coat I just hop in the car and drive down the street 5 minutes.

Latex does have it's draw backs, for example it does require more prep work up front, like sanding, lots and lots of sanding!  Or sometimes when I am distressing it can start to ball up.

Now, I am not saying I don't like specialty paints, I love to use chalk paint on accent pieces or decor items.  And if I am being honest I have never used milk paint.  I have wanted to give it a go but I haven't found the right piece.  It is on my TO DO list!

You know, when something is working for you it is hard to get out of your groove.



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