Monday, June 29, 2015

Monster Cupcake Tutorial

Want to make your own monster cupcakes?  
These monster cupcakes are so fun to make and they are pretty easy too!  

First you will need to make your cupcakes, I like to use Betty Crocker’s butter recipe.  They stay more moist in the middle.  To get the perfect sized cupcake I spoon in about 3 tablespoons per cupcake cup.  My favorite cups to use are the tin foil ones, they look much nicer after they are cooked.  

Once you have your cupcakes you will need frosting.  I made a buttercream frosting for mine, but you can use the stuff you buy from the store too.  I like the whipped best, it isn’t quite as heavy.  Once you have your frosting you will want to dye it.  I use the gel dye’s, you can buy them at most grocery stores.  To get deep colors you will need LOTS of coloring, but be careful not to add too much or it will make your frosting taste yucky.  

Next you will need frosting bags, I like to use the disposable ones so I can just throw them away when i am done.  You will need Tip #4B for the blue monster and tip #233 for the orange monster.  

Cut a hole at the end or your frosting bag just big enough for your tip to fit through.  Be careful not to cut the hole too big or the tip will fall out.  Once your tip is in there good and tight you can add your frosting.

For the blue monster slowly squeeze frosting out and press down so the frosting will spread out around the tip once it has spread around pull your tip straight up to create a point.  Repeat that all the way around the outside of the cupcake.  Once the outside ring is complete make another ring on the inside and continue around until it is all filled in.  Add 2 eyes and you are done!

Now for the orange monster frost the cupcake first very lightly.  As you push the frosting out through the tip slowly move around the cupcake creating loops and squiggles, if you want a straight haired monster start in the center and pull out creating straight stringy hair.  Add 2 eyes and you have a very cute monster!

Here is the full Monster Party 

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