Tuesday, August 11, 2015

DIY Kitchen Open Shelves!

I love the idea of open shelving in kitchens.  They are a great way to add a custom feel to any kitchen, and of course display all your dishes!

I wanted to build shelves and then attached to them to the wall.
I made my shelves for about $40.
I bought 2 1inch x 12inch x 8 foot pine boards from Home Depot.
Out of those boards I cut all three of my shelf tops, my corbels, and my 1x2 back support.  I made my own pattern and cut them out with our jig saw.  You can buy pre-made ones from Home Depot if you don't want to cut your own out.

After you have everything cut out we added a bead of glue along the edges and used our nail gun to secure them.


It should look like this after everything is glued/nailed together.  (this is the view from the bottom)

Next if you want to add your decorative molding and wood fill any gaps with a stainable putty.

Now we are ready to stain them.  I used General Finished Antique Walnut gel stain.  I love how rich it makes the grain look!

Now you are ready to hang them.  We drilled through the 1x2 piece of pine straight into the wall, make sure you hit a stud so you don't loose all your pretty dishes. 

Now you have pretty shelves to display all your treasures!



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  1. Stunning. I've wanted open shelving for so long! It's the perfect mix of English and Southern to me. And I LOVE the dishes you've displayed! :)

  2. Really many thanks for this awesome helpful blog. I love getting impressive information.

  3. You did an amazing job on the entire kitchen! It's gorgeous!!

  4. The stain color is beautiful! Well done! One regret I have when we redid our kitchen was not adding open shelves! Oh man! I love how you displayed your dishes and you kitchen is beautiful!



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