Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DIY Chalky Finish Curio

 I was at a garage sale eyeing this piece when the lady selling it ran over and said..."lets wheel and deal, if you buy this I will run it out to your car right now!"  After a little negotiation on price I decided to take it home, and sure enough her and her son "ran" it right out to my car!

 As you can see the back has a mirror and there was glass on all sides of this piece as well as glass shelves.  

I took all the glass out and painted the frame with DecoArts Chalky Finish Paint.  This paint, much like chalk paint, can paint over just about anything without sanding.  However, I did sand this piece a little bit to make sure it was smooth and sand out the dings.

  I wanted this piece to be a soft blue so I mixed

4oz of Escape (blue)
10oz of Yesteryear (grey)
4oz of Everlasting (white)

You can see all the colors here

Here is the coverage after 1 coat, and it stuck really great.  My mom also painted with this paint and loved how smooth it went on.  
I only had to paint this piece with 2 coats of paint!

After I painted the frame I cut out panels of bead board to fit in where the glass and the mirrors used to be!  I painted those with 2 coats of the blue paint as well.  

Once the blue paint had dried I used Everlasting (white) to dry brush the entire piece.  I love the texture dry brushing gives to a piece!  You can see my dry brushing tutorial here.

I also found this pretty appliqué to add to the front door.

After all of the paint was dry I seal this piece with a water based clear coat, after I applied the glaze to all the cracks.  I like to glaze after I top coat something as it allows me to have more working time with my glaze. 

Here she is all dolled up.  

And look at all that storage

I couldn't be more happy with how cute this piece is.  I am so glad the lady at the garage sale was willing to wheel and deal!



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  1. That is a great makeover! I have seen those cabinets on our online classifieds but your idea to use beadboard is awesome. A pretty colour too.

  2. This is one of the prettiest makeovers! My beach house master bedroom is white with a touch of blue, and I'm dreaming of how pretty this would look in it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Wow Brooke, this looks fabulous!! Love the color, the beadboard instead of glass, and it's vintage farmhouse appeal. I wonder what the former owner would say now?

  4. Great transformation! I usually pass by the glass curios, but now they are on my "must have" list! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Since I'm in love with everything you do, it should come as no surprise that I'm featuring this on Trash 2 Treasure tonight. :)


  6. Love this makeover! Removing the mirror without bringing on seven years bad luck, lol, (broken mirrors) would be scary! ;)

  7. This is so clever I love it! Such a b=pretty blue too! Stopping by from Blogtalk



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