Monday, June 4, 2012

A 1st Birthday & Table Redo

I can't believe my baby is 1!  Wow time flies!  I wanted to have a vintage feel to her birthday party!  I love how it turned out!  

 I made the picture frames, I Love the shape of them and the bright colors.  The pink lamp I bought at a garage sale for $5 and found the cute butterflies at the DOLLAR STORE!!  The frames and lamp are going to go in her room as decorations!

I  just finished refinishing this table to sell.  It will be my first piece of furniture I am going to put up for sale!  I am a little anxious and excited!  When I saw it sitting there all cute it made me sad that I was going to sell it.  I get attached to things easily, can you tell?  Lucky for my husband we don't have any room for it, so I have to sell it!  I just love this table!!!

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