Monday, June 18, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

You may know...I LOVE photography.  So, yes as you can imagine I have so many pictures of my girls!  I have debated whether to hang this many personal pictures in my home.  I watch design shows and they are always taking down personal photos and replacing them with artwork to appeal to the mass of people.  I got thinking the other I selling my house to everyone else or myself??  I am designing my house to sell to me, so what better than to have the people I love on my wall?

These white frames I actually found at a garage sale!!  SCORE!  They hang in my family room over my couch! 

I actually made these frames out of pallets from our sod!  I LOVE how they turned out.  

They were fun to make.  I tried a new technique and I am super happy with the results!  After they were cut out, I stained them with a dark stain, painted over the stain with a cream latex paint and then sanded them down!  It really brought out all the details and imperfections in the wood!




  1. What lovely frames!! Absolutely love the ones you make yourself! And the photos are better than any artwork you will ever find!

  2. You really got lucky finding such amazing frames and I agree you should display your family photos and when it is done properly and artistically then it can be admired by all who visit.
    Looking forward to what you post next.



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