Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mismatched and Matched....

 I bought this hutch a while back at a garage sale, and I am happy to say I found it just like this, (minus the blue bead board in the back) and I only paid $25!!
Have you ever bought a piece of furniture you just love and you don't really have a reason behind it?  This is one of those pieces.  I don't have some cool story to go with it I just love it.  It has been moved from room to room in our house but it has finally found it's home!

You may remember my Blog post about the hutch on the left (if not here is a reminder)  
I wanted them both to go on this wall and look mismatched and matched all at the same time.  
What better way to do it than with a Blue back drop??  


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  1. Love a mismatched look....and beadboard....and the blue! So yeah, basically love that room :)

  2. Love the aqua and the soft white together. So pretty!

  3. Those bookcases with the cabinets on the bottom are hard to find! I always have people asking for those. Beautiful blue background!

  4. they look perfect! i love fraternal twins!

  5. They look great together and your collections are very pretty.

  6. I love the pair of them framing the window! I think the matching/mismatched look is perfect!!

  7. Wow, it's beautiful! Love the pop of color behind the shelves.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  8. I Love how you decorate! New follower from over at http://thekoenigscreate.blogspot.com/

  9. Just found your site via pinterest...I grew up in Centerville and my parents still live there...I'll be checking back often to see your adorable furniture! Yikes, TOO CUTE!

  10. That hutch is soo pretty! Love the color---so refreshing! Would LOVE to have you share this at my link party! New facebook follower!

  11. Love those hutches! The blue really pulls them together so nicely!



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