Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pallet Projects!!

I thought I would share my Post with you I wrote for Kid's Times!  I loved writing this post on my Pallet projects, as they are some of my favorite projects.   Hope you enjoy!!

Who doesn't love a good pallet project, or at least enjoy admiring them from afar?  I know I do.  If you're anything like me "FREE" pallets are always a little enticing and stirs up that creative energy which needs an escape.

Look how much fun this pallet table is I made for my 2 daughters.  The pallet top was left raw wood with a dark stain to show off the character of the old worn wood.  Since pallet wood is already worn it is great for kids, a few more dings and scratches can't hurt it!  If you are worried about splinters use a Polycrylic to seal it up! Full Post Here

I know many of us don't need a reminder of what to do in the kitchen, but just incase you do, I have created these large letters.  These too are stained, to bring out the grain and imperfections,  after all aren't imperfections the root of character?  Full Post Here

 Painting your pallets is also a great alternative.  Since pallet wood is usually pretty rough painting it perfect is not necessary,  just get that paint on there and sand it off a bit in places to let the wood show through.   These worn frames make the perfect display for my energetic girls!  Full Post Here

The possibilities with pallets are endless, so next time you find that old sad looking pallet don't be afraid to pick it up and experiment, after all it is probably FREE!


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  1. I love the pallet projects you made! The EAT sign is so fun! I love it!!



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