Monday, March 16, 2015

French Hutch

People always ask me where I find my furniture and to be honest there is no perfect spot.  I watch the local classifieds, but most of the time they frustrate me, I feel like I am fighting or jumping through hoops to get a piece and with 3 young kids I don't always have time to do that.  I love to look at garage sales and thrift stores, but my favorite is when someone calls me with an awesome piece they are getting rid of like this one!

This piece was in pretty go shape when I got it home, one of my favorite things about this hutch is it isn't your average oversized hutch, it is cute and petite.  

I like having fun with furniture and painting them different colors but with this piece it was just too elegant to do anything extravagant with.  I wanted to accent the details of this piece without over powering.  

I painted the entire piece cream (custom color) and then I used an Ivory (white Dove by Benjamin Moore) to accent the crown and other moldings on the piece.  

I also painted in between the drawers with the ivory to accent those as well.  I glazed this glazed this piece with an oil based glaze in a dark brown (not sure of the name)  to accent the grooves.  

 I wanted to keep the original pulls to this piece.  Look, at the details and elegance of them.  They were a bit worn an dirty, so I used a scrubber and soap and water to clean them up.  After they were cleaned up I spray painted them with Rustoleums Metallic Gold.  I did replace the knobs with some old vintage knobs I had.  I sprayed them as well to match.

 I am on the fence about selling this hutch.  I have tired to find a place to put her but I can't seem to find the perfect fit but I can't convince myself to give her up just yet.  So until them she will stay in my craft room and I will enjoy looking at her beauty!!




  1. A whole new life for that beauty. She looks great and a lovely choice of colours and finish.

  2. Wow, the hutch looks fantastic - you did a great job, love your color choices. I also just found a petite hutch which I painted a creamy white. Decided to keep it, and now it holds all of my quilts, and I love that I can now see them instead of storing them on a closet shelf.



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