Monday, March 30, 2015

My Mom's Kitchen Renovation is Complete!

My Mom's kitchen is finally done, and I love the transformation!  

Here is a look at the before.  Don't mind my cute mom, daughter and caramel apple dipping mess in the first one.  We forgot to take pictures before the granite and backsplash went in, but it will at least give you an idea of what is looked like.  

 If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen some pictures of me painting her cabinets.  Instead of replacing all of her cabinets, Dave at Liberty Homes and Remodeling routed the inside panel out and replaced it with bead board and I sprayed all her doors with a latex paint.  
(you can see the budget and a little look at the cabinet process here)

It was a lot of work and took some time but I think she would agree it was worth it.  
It is a whole new kitchen.  

My Mom and Dave raised the cabinet over the fridge and microwave to create a custom staggered look.  Dave also ran crown molding around all the cabinets.  WOW, what a difference that made.  

She also replaced the panel of the top cabinet on the left with glass and painted the back of the cabinet turquoise to add a pop of color.  

To save money my Mom sprayed painted all of her hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rustoleum and found her hardware online.  

She also installed the backsplash by herself!  
{see it is in my bones to do everything on my own}

 I love the outcome it is so light and open now!

Dave at Liberty Homes and Remodeling is available for hire, if you are looking for an honest contractor he is your guy!!



  1. Well done - a new kitchen - realy beautiful.


  2. that looks great, i love how...regal...the crown moulding makes it feel. enjoy, and hope your mom loves it!

  3. I love the transformation! Great job!

  4. Can you please share more detail? Paint colors of cabinets and walls, back splash and countertop choices?

  5. What a great transformation....I love the staggered cabinets, the glass addition and the beadboard inserts. Something that I will pin and keep in mind for the future!

  6. Beautiful Job!!! Was raising the cabinets very hard??? I would love to try this.


  7. wow this is wonderful!! you gave me the courage to do my back splash

  8. Be. U. T. Ful. Looks professionally done. Can't wait to hear about the paint technique. Looks like you used a wax or glaze to get that layered look with the dark accents. Tell your cute, smart mom I admire her and wish I was as smart and had her energy. The last time we painted our kitchen I swore I'd never attempt it again. I actually gave my husband a gift certificate one year for our anniversary stating I'd never make him paint anything in our house again!

  9. You mom has done an amazing job!! I can sense that "perfect" balance between high end kitchen design and a reasonable mediocre budget equation. I am glad that finally I met with a real DIY "practical" kitchen expert.

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