Monday, March 23, 2015

Vintage Twin Headboards Turned Bench

Does anyone else have spring fever?  I defiantly do, my daffodils are in bloom and finishing this bench has made it even worse!  

My sister in law found 2 matching twin headboards. (sorry no before pictures)  Spindles and headboards seem to be a thing of the past, but spindles and benches....Yes, please!

to create this bench I used one of the headboards for the back and cut the other in half to create the  two sides.  I then built a frame out of 2x4s to hold everything together and create a seat.  

The yellow in the pillow was my inspiration.  I love yellow and gray together, but sometimes getting the right shade of yellow can be tricky.  I took my fabric to the paint store and found a match, which was Citron by Clark and Kensington

After I sprayed everything yellow I used my sand paper and a little bit of elbow grease and roughed up the edges.  I then glazed everything with a brown oil based glaze.  I love how the glaze made all the details to this bench pop!

For the seat of this bench I used pine and stained it with Miniwaxes Dark Walnut for a rich touch.  

This bench is For Sale, and would be a cute inside or outside bench!

I am asking $225
This includes the 2 pillow envelopes as well!

Please Email me if you are interested


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