Friday, August 2, 2013

Grain Sack Side Table

Let me start out by saying I have the best friends in the world, they randomly give me things they are no longer using, they do have good taste don't ya thing?!  Look at this diamond in the rough!

Here is what she looked like when I got her! Not too shabby but with a bit of paint, she is absolutely beautiful!!

I decided to go with 2 different paint colors to really highlight the details on the sides, and I have been dying to do grain sack lines on a piece of furniture, this piece was the perfect fit!  
I refinished this to go in my bedroom, I just need to add a few finishing touches and it will be the perfect fit for our sitting area!

I am known for just buying things when I think they are cool even if I have no use for them.  This vintage bunt cake pan was no exception for that.  I even felt a bit of buyers remorse when I bought it, and needless to say it has sat in the closet for months adding a bit to the guilt, but today I am so glad I bought it!!  I spray painted the outside with an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish and I love IT on this cute table!!

 Happy Weekend!!


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  1. What a sweet little table. Love how you contrasted the details! And the little antique style glass knobs are precious.

  2. It's beautiful - does your friend wish she hadn't given it to you now LMHO
    Love it - what a great transformation!

  3. I love the table!! What awesome friends you have!! It's beautiful and unique. I love it!!

  4. I Love the table! My daughter just did a grain sack drop leaf table and a dresser in those same colors for our Cottage. I love them both!
    Faye @

  5. So neat, love it and the two colors you used!



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