Monday, August 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: When to Use Primer

Have you ever looked at a project and wondered "do I need primer?"   I have done this so many times, and even though in most cases you can't go wrong with applying primer you may be adding extra work.  
Here are a few things to consider next time you pull out the paint:

When to prime:
1- Primer will help seal raw wood requiring less paint.
2-Primer can seal in any old stains/odors on walls, furniture, and floors.
3-Primer can help paint stick to a surface like metal, plastic, and previously glossy finishes.

When priming is NOT necessary:
1-If you have a wall or piece that has been previously painted and you are wanting a new color, color covers color better!  There is no need to prime as paint sticks to paint.
 (with an exception if you are painting latex over oil you need to prime your oil base paint)
2-if you are wanting a piece of furniture to look "chippy" not priming can help your paint flake naturally.

My go to primer is Kilz Latex. 
 It is very cost effective but seems to do the job as good as other brands I have tried.  I also really like their spray primer, I use this for small items that can be a pain to paint, like a brass chandelier, it makes life a little easier!

Happy Priming!


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