Friday, August 23, 2013

My Home Tour!

I was searching my blog last night for a room and I realized how hard it was to find different rooms in our home, and I even live here!  So I have created a tap at the top of the page, Our Home Tour, that will always be there!
I am glad I went through everything it is always so fun to see how everything changes, I need to take new pictures of some of the rooms!  Let the tour begin!

Welcome to our Home.  Sit back, relax and Enjoy your stay!

When we first bought our house there was not any grass on the property, it was dryscaped.  Which included truck loads of gravel.  Here is the full post for the Before and Afters

My entry way is one of my most favorite parts of my home.  It tells our families story and invites all in!

My photo wall is my favorite wall and houses memories and people who are most dear to my heart!

They say the kitchen is the heart of your home, and that is very true in our case.  We spend lots of time here creating treats, making crafts, and of course making a good ol' mess!  

I love my dining area and table and chairs.  They are so fun and add lots of color!

This is my most recently complete room, I put this room off for a long time because I didn't know how to balance that big wall!  I am now glad I put it off for a while as I stewed ideas over in my head!

I wanted my girls bathroom to be fun and colorful without a specific theme!  

I am in love with my Master Bedroom Vanity.  This bathroom was a full overhaul, but I am so pleased with the end product

Our little half bath is quite the odd shape, but it functions well and catches many messes from outside!  

My daughters room is fit for a princess and is approved!  

Our Weekend Laundry room overhaul sure has been helpful to keep this space clean!


I hope you enjoyed your stay!  Come Back Soon!!



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  1. Love your house ! So cute!



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