Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to get STRAIGHT paint lines!

  There is nothing more frustrating than taping something all up and thinking your are getting straight lines only to find the paint has bleed under the tape in a few spots!  Well I finally figured out a solution, and it works pretty slick!

First Tape off your lines, and push the tape down nice and firm along the edges.

 Second use the same color of paint that is under the tape to seal the edges.  This will make it so if there is going to be any bleeding, even after pressing down the tape, it will be the same color!

Third apply the new color.  Use the new color sparingly along the edges, the less paint the less bleeding.  I usually do 2 thin coats!

Fourth peel off the tape....AND YOU HAVE STRAIGHT LINES!!!

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  1. I loathe taping but I might have to try this! You're too smart!!

  2. Great tip and it turned out perfect!! I love the paint colors.

  3. Seems easy enough!! I've tried to paint straight lines with little success. But, I've never painted the base coat first. Now, I'm going to have to try stripes again!! Thanks for the tip!!

  4. Did you wait until the new color was dry to peel off the tape? I've heard of people doing it both ways.

  5. Did you wait until the new color was dry to peel the tape off? I



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