Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013...was a GREAT year!!!

WOW, time flies WAY too fast!!  What a great year it has been.  From having my in home boutique to finding out we were expecting our third child and of course everything in between.  It has been a busy but successful year with many lesson learns and friends made!

Here is a little recap of our year and of course a few of my favorite posts!! I am happy to say our home is almost fully remodeled, there are still a few rooms that need attention but we are living DUST free which is a huge improvement from the last few years.

Here are a few of the rooms I completed this year!!

My daughters princess room (now I just need to figure out how to get her to keep it this clean)

Post here

I am so thankful to say our kitchen is done.  Of all the renovations the kitchen was the most stressful, doing dishes in the tub is something I don't miss!

Post here

I love our entry way.  It is one of my favorite areas in our home!  It was so important to me to tell my story to whoever came to our front door!

Post Here

I have learned so much this year when it comes to painting.  I seemed to learn most of it the hard way but either way we will be grateful for the lessons learned and the beautiful furniture that was a product of that!!  Here are a few of my favorites:

I did catch the Chevron Fever!!  I love the character it adds!!  (tutorial here)

This year I had lots of fun turning Old beds into benches!  This fun bench was made for a wedding, it was used as the guest book!

I have to say this year I found a love for refinishing hutches!  
I love the neutral blue of this hutch!  It is so soft and calming.

This is my very first hutch, and I still love it.  I love the blue backdrop that makes my dishes pop!!  (post here)

Who doesn't love a little bit of Turquoise to brighten up a room?!  I love the stenciling and how much character it adds to an otherwise plain desk!  Post here

This desk was one of my favorites, I loved painting it and the outcome was stunning!  I couldn't have been happier with the end result, and my client loved it even more!!

I loved the color we painted this desk!  It is so bright and cheery and perfect for a little girls room!

This desk was one of my favorite all time pieces!  It is so stunning and I love the legs and character.  I was so sad when she sold :( Post here

I love this chest, and I am so glad my neighbor bought it so I can go and visit her every once in a while!!  I stenciled the front and I love the character it added!

This piece I loved so much I couldn't part with it, so it found a home in my family room and I am so glad it did, I love the wood with the dandelions,  and yes I painted them by hand!!  Post here

Now I can't forget my most popular post this year....

Thank you to everyone for your continued support!  Here is to 2013!!

See you next year!!




  1. so many amazing posts- your daughter's room is a fave of mine!

  2. You are very talented Brooke - love all your furniture makeovers. Your room makeovers are fabulous too - your kitchen is beautiful. Happy New Year!

  3. I don't even think I can pick a favorite, they are ALL amazing...ok if I HAD to pick, I'd pick the hutch with the blue interior...stunning!! XO



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