Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Furniture and Paint Party!

It is that time again, and I have some great features this week.  
I don't have a paint project to share this week, I seem to be caught in the middle of a few right now!  But I am sure these amazing projects will make up for it!

Look at this amazing Dry Sink by Cottage Instincts.  I love the color and she kept the original hardware.  This piece even has a name: Daisy.  I think it deserves a name!

What a fun Red Table by Exquisitely Unremarkable.  I love the fabric she used on the top, it adds so much character!

I love the moss green color of this dresser by Picked and Painted  It is such a great contrast with the stained top!

I may have a few ladders laying around I need to give new life too...and I love this idea from the Shabby Girls!  Look at the Numbers on each step and I am always a sucker for Turquoise!

Now it is your TURN!!!

Here is my Paint Party Pinterest board, Check out all the Features from the Furniture & Paint Party!!

Please follow the rules for the link party, I promise to keep it short
1) Only Furniture and Paint Please!!
2) Link straight to your post not your blogs home page
3) Follow me somehow, I am not picky!
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4) Link back to this party using my address or my button on the sidebar.  
                               If you don't link back I wont feature you.
5) I love to Feature your awesome work, I will pin all featured projects, and I also share a few on  my Facebook page each week!
6)Visit others, make new friends!!
7) Have fun, and THANK YOU for joining!

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