Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Caring for Painted Furniture

Usually when someone is purchasing a piece from me I give them the run down on care for their piece.  Each piece can be very different as far as care goes but there is always ONE very very important piece of advice....NEVER use Harsh Chemicals, like bleach for example.  Harsh Chemicals can brake down your clear coat as well as your paint.  I made the mistake of doing this.  You may remember my white desk in my Front Room?  It got really dirty so I thought, "I will just use soft scrub on it."  I know what you are thinking...."DON'T DO THAT"  You are right it took off my clear coat, which was wax and it bubbled my paint.  So, Yes I have to refinish the top of my Desk now.  

The best thing to use on painted furniture is Pledge.  Pledge or any furniture polish helps to add a thin coat of protection instead of breaking down the paint.  If you need to wash a painted surface down try using soap and water or windex.  Being selective on what you use to clean your furniture will help your piece last longer! 



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