Monday, September 2, 2013

Storage in the Window Seat

I have been on an organization kick these days.  My main goal has been to maximize the storage in our house so hopefully everything can find a place..
My husband has been wanting to tear apart the window seats to see if they were hallow for some time so last Saturday when he decided to check it out I jumped on board!

 I was so excited when we torn the top off to find they are hallow!  Look at this amazing storage space we now have!  My daughters room also had one and were able to do the same thing in there, instant toy box!  Oh, the things I can get in there now!

Yes, I even took pictures a long the way just for you so you can hallow out your window seat too. 

We first torn off the MDF on the top and found plywood underneath.  Before we ripped it apart like this we used a large drill bit and drill to cut out some holes to look down in the window seat and make sure it was hallow before we destroyed it.

Once we got in there we found 2 large hornets nest, lucky for us they were not active, before tearing yours apart check outside to make sure you don't have any bee/hornet activity around that area.

Once it was all hallowed we added insulation and sealed it up really good.  We then added our bottom piece.

Next went in the back.  We did have to remove the cross beam to get the wood down in there.

Make sure you are nailing them in there good and tight.

Next the side pieces

Once all the wood was in we added back the cross bar to support the lid.

Next we added wood a long the top to hide the ugly 2x4's and cover the dry wall.
After you have done that pull out the caulk and seal all your cracks and fill in those nail holes

We were able to salvage existing piece of MDF that was on there before and reuse it for the top.
  We cut off 2 inches on each side so when opening the lid it doesn't rub again the wall.

We then added a 4 foot hinge, and I painted everything the same color as my Moldings!  

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you saw I was actually sewing, which is a miracle.  I was working on the cushion for this piece.  I am so excited to get this window seat all decorated, it may just become my designated reading spot!

Happy Labor Day!




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